Doubts regarding the final project submission

Hello guys! I want to confirm that where should i submit my final project on or projectsubmissions.boltiot also one more thing do i need to submit both capstone as well as the different project made by me apart from it? please reply


You have to submit the projects on only. You need to submit ONLY 1 project, which could be anything. But the project content you write should be original.

I have clicked on the submit for review tab but it’s showing pending on the dashboard.
what to do in that case?


That is not an issue. Next step would be to use the preview link to submit during the certification exam.

All projects are not published on the Bolt Projects page. Only the selected best projects are published on the site.

No need to worry .Just copy those links to notepad or wherever you can and submit during exam.Hope this helps.

Hi, I have submitted my project for review and copied the link after opening the preview in new tab but when I am pasting that link in other browser or after restarting my computer it is displaying an error given below:

what to do in that case and also while attemting the exam I have to swtich to another tab to pasting the links is it safe to do so


That won’t be an issue. Only admins can access the projects with the preview/draft links. You can send any of the two to get it reviewed during the examination.

Let me know if you have any other queries.

ok got it one more thing,

  1. I attempted the test today and got 58% in test so when my remaining marks for projects and questions will be reflected in the certificate?
  2. Where from I can have my final certificate?
  3. This certificate of 58% grading will be of no use after final certificate comes right?
  4. And lastly, the certificate of excellence will be given to only those who’s project is published or some %age criteria is there on grounds of final certificate


You’ll get the final marks and certificate in your EMAIL within 14 days. Keep checking for your email including spam/junk.

Yes, once your final marks are graded, this certificate will not be counted anymore.

There is no such thing as a certificate of excellence. You’ll only get a certificate of completion of your training.

but, in the training it is written that certificate of excellence is given to the students who fulfills the criteria of good projects. see below
The project submission carries 22 marks and is judged according to the following criteria -

  1. Originality - Points will be awarded for originality of the project. If your project utilizes unique sensors or has a unique/different method of explaining the concept of the project etc., you will get more marks.
  2. Content - More points will be awarded if you have explained the content so that anyone reading the project can understand how to recreate the project. If you have shot a video explaining the working of the project, remember to add it to the project with the content.
  3. Ease of recreation - Marks will also be awarded for the project’s instructions on how to recreate the project. A person who is reading your project for the first time should be able to recreate the project easily.
  4. Code explanation - If your project has a coding part, then marks will also be given for explanation of the code and its readability.

Projects which fulfill the above criteria can be selected to be showcased on the Bolt IoT’s social media channels. In addition you can also get a Certificate of Excellence for your project if it is really good. The certificate issuance will be at the sole discretion of Bolt IoT.


As I have mentioned, on completion of training, you’ll only get a certificate of completion.

As it is mentioned, your projects would grant you a certificate of excellence, if recognized and published on social media or/and projects page. You could get the chance later as well. As you can submit as many projects are you want and you can keep submitting your project on the page for review.

I hope your doubt is clear regarding this.

Ok, I got your point and one more thing I want to ask is can I make projects that are already made/or adding some more features to the existing ones as part of assured internship?


No. Any project that was built in the past will not be counted for the internship. It has to be creative and innovative to be approved.

You can look for ideas on the internet that was not built on Bolt IoT and you can make one.