Downloading Bolt IoT tutorial videos

I’m unable to download the tutorials. Mostly I leave in weak network area where I can’t watch the tutorial. That’s why I need to download.

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Unfortunately there is know way to officially download the videos from the portal! Still you can try downloading it through IDM which may or may not work depending on the browser and version.

Tutorials are not being downloaded from IDM. Please tell me the way to officially download tutorials from the portal.

Hi @kumarkamal4454,

Please clarify,

Are you talking about the training videos available on “”.

For this training you have lifetime access, as such no method has been provided to download the tutorial videos.

Yes, I’m talking about the training videos available on “”.
I’ve life time access, but mostly I leave in bad network area where I can’t watch the tutorial. That’s why I need to download videos. Please there will be some way to download the video

Hi @kumarkamal4454,

A good internet connection is kind of a minimum requirement for using any kind of IoT device. Even if we do provide you download access for the videos, you will probably end up facing issues while doing the experiment. The right way to solve this issue would be to get access to a strong internet connection.

You can download the tutorials on your iOS device using the Teachable app. Here is the link

Note: Sadly the app is iOS only and is not available on Android as of now.

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Same problem I faced.

Hi @officially4h

Is your query resolved ?

No.    Please help to solve this problem.

@kumarkamal4454 I am afraid that you will be not be able to download videos on slow internet connection. You can visit any cyber cafe/ college university for getting the high speed internet and you can download the videos over there.

No such thing, there is no option to download the video.
Have you downloaded the tutorials??
No, This is not happening due to slow Internet connection.

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You will be not be able to download the videos once the duration of your course is done .So make sure to download the videos before the prescribed period.The other reason might be your internet connectivity speed .Hope this helps .

u can use any downloading apps like get them all to download