Drive the robot with Adaptor

I made my first robot. As told by the instructor, at the first place I deployed the code with robot not moving on the floor. But when I disconnected it from the laptop, and used the adaptor to continue the code…it only performed one function at a time. In the code there were 9 functions to drive motions.
How could I get the robot to function properly?


Please clarify,
You are talking about the first robot right, where the 9 motion functions are shown.

For the first robot, the code is written in such a manner that the robot does each motion one at a time for 5 seconds and then moves to the next motion.

How many type of motion did the robot do in a span of 60 seconds?

Yes sir, the first robot.
I wrote the code but when I tried to use adaptor to run it on the ground, it did only one function throughout the time it is being powered. I don’t know why.
It can do 12 functions in 1 minute.

I am also facing such problem please tell how to solve or what is the problem only performing the one motion of the robot when we connected it to the dc adapter

Hi @harshika1406.vats,

Please place the robot on the Box, connect the adapter, and power up the robot. Check whether the wheels rotate in all direction modes.

Also, could you send a screenshot of the code that you have added to the Arduino IDE?
It is best to take the screenshot from the IDE as you may have introduced errors while typing out the code.

@vinayak.joshi sir, I did the same but the wheels are not working properly. One of the wheels don’t work , while the other stops in between.
I am attaching the screenshots of the code.


Sir in my case when I placed the robot on box both connected to laptop and adapter it works properly . But when I disconnect the robot from laptop it only perform one function ,I call the other function but when it connected to laptop it work properly and when it disconnected from laptop then it does not work according to the set of instruction.

Hi @ankitkumarmajhi18,

There is a feedback issue with your motors. Please take a video of the same, where you show that the motors work as expected with the USB cable connected, and do not work as expected with only the adapter connected.

Upload the video to google drive. Set the sharing options for the video to allow anyone with the live to view it.

Send the video link to with this posts link, and ask them to have your motors and adapters replaced. Your video will give the required confirmation.