Drive the robot with Adaptor

I made my first robot. As told by the instructor, at the first place I deployed the code with robot not moving on the floor. But when I disconnected it from the laptop, and used the adaptor to continue the code…it only performed one function at a time. In the code there were 9 functions to drive motions.
How could I get the robot to function properly?


Please clarify,
You are talking about the first robot right, where the 9 motion functions are shown.

For the first robot, the code is written in such a manner that the robot does each motion one at a time for 5 seconds and then moves to the next motion.

How many type of motion did the robot do in a span of 60 seconds?

Yes sir, the first robot.
I wrote the code but when I tried to use adaptor to run it on the ground, it did only one function throughout the time it is being powered. I don’t know why.
It can do 12 functions in 1 minute.

I am also facing such problem please tell how to solve or what is the problem only performing the one motion of the robot when we connected it to the dc adapter