Duration of internship and uploading projects

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what will be the duration of internship which will come on certificate ?
And where do we have to upload our project during the final exam ?

@jayeshrane999 We are currently working on providing an option to show the duration in the course completion certificate. You can expect this to be done by the end of this week.

The duration can be chosen by you before you take the exam as either 1 month or two months.

As mentioned in the instructions for the exam, the project has to be created on https://www.hackster.io/ and made live. The project has to be made by you and made using Bolt as one of the components.

A well written and well described project like the one in the link below will earn you full marks. Have a look at the project link below so that you know what is expected to get full marks for the project.

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@shoeb.ahmed Thank you for the information
Can we submit any of the assignments given in the training course or does our project have to be completely unique? @vinayak.joshi

@shoeb.ahmed is the duration of internship option available on the exam section because I want to attempt the exam so just wanted to know that can I choose the duration of internship before giving the exam ? is the feature avilable, which you had mentioned earlier ? @vinayak.joshi

Can I submit my capstone project on hackster.io and submit the link of the project in final exam …???

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@rahul.singh @yeshwant.naik please answer questions on this topics, need your help sir

@jayeshrane999 You can create any project you like based on the Bolt IoT module. It does not have to be unique, but outright plagiarism is not accepted. You will lose all marks in that case.

Once you have entered your access code, it will ask you for your Name, email ID, college name along with the duration(1/2 months). You can choose the duration and if you pass the exam, it will be shown in the certificate.

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@shoeb.ahmed Thank you for your reply,

So the projects which I have created from the training like capstone project and bitcoin alert system by my own without any reference are valid right ? I can upload it on hackster right ? And then upload their links in the exam section? Will this work ?

These projects have been created by me, by properly understanding the objective of the project. So I can upload them right ?

@jayeshrane999 Yes. You can create a project based on these projects, but the content cannot be plagiarized. Meaning that you cannot copy-paste content.