Duration of the web development internship after finishing the online training of web development

What is the duration of the internship offered after completing the web development training. Will it be online or offline?

Hi @mohammedraza.cs21,

The Web Development Assured internship will have a duration of 6 weeks, and it will be conducted entirely online in a remote format.

Here are the details:
Steps to start your internship project:

  • Step 1: Fill this form to get your details of the Internship Task: Registration | Web Development Internship
  • Step 2: Once you fill the form, you will get an email with the list of projects. Select any one of those projects to proceed.
  • Step 3: Complete the objectives mentioned in the task
  • Step 4: To submit the files go to Web Development Internship Project Submission and read the instructions on the page, keep the required files ready and click on Submit . We will then evaluate your submission and share our feedback.
  • Step 5: ​Final step is to create a video review describing your experience doing this Web Development Training. This should be a Video recording of yourself. To get detailed instructions regarding the video go to Student partner task: Video review and once you have the video ready, attach it and submit the form.

Hi @mohammedraza.cs21,

To address the issue with the blank page, please try using different browsers and inform me if the problem persists.
Can you please confirm if you have completed the Web Development Training and obtained the certificate?

My problem got solved so I deleted my post. I completed the training, got the certificate and the list of tasks for internship through mail.
Thank you.