E-Mail not yet received


I have been qualified for the scholarship through the MCQ test.But I haven’t yet received any e-mail for further process.The offer is only valid till 11:59 pm,so I request you to look into this matter.

As you know that the scholarship is only there for first 100 student. So if you are one of them you will surely receive a e-mail from them.

I actually did get a mail yesterday,but it displayed incorrect spelling of my name.
So,I happened to take this test once again through another mail.
The offer to my previous mail is still valid.Is it alright to just process it and correct the name later?,or will it print the same wrongly spelled name on the certificate?

You can go ahead and accept the scholarship. Yes,You can correct your name at the time of enrollment in the training.

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Alright,thanks a lot.

Its my pleasure, that I am able to help you.