Earlier i was able to access my course but today when i click on go to course,but it shows me "the coupon code you entered is expired

Hello sir/mam ,
I am kamaji jambhale. I have purchased the course for ₹2750 as a part of scholarship.
I am accessing this course after 3 weeks today but I am unable to access it.
It is showing that the coupon that I used is expired.
Please help me out this
I am attaching the screenshot Screenshot%20(14)|690x388

try once by login with your registered mail id

Sir,I already try it but not working.

Hi @kmj.jambhale

Make sure that you logged in

and log in using your Google account in below link

Sir, i did as you told but it not working ,you can check the below screenshots.Please sir help me.(upload://hLA7e2gA1nhQIFm1GUKZ0rYAnPA.jpeg)

Hi @kmj.jambhale

Did you log in using your email id?
Once click on Go To Course in your cloud account and don’t post your coupon code directly blur it because anyone can access it.

Yes sir, i already did this way but its not working.

hello sir, is there any other way to access course using the course access code.

Hi @kmj.jambhale

It should give access, anyhow ping a mail to support@boltiot.com

Hi @kmj.jambhale,

You have created two accounts on training.boltiot.com .

This email account kmj.jamabhale@gmail.com has training access.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.