Email Alert not being sent

I have configured alert for bolt module. when the digital state of pin 0 is changed to 1 then , email will be sent to configured email id.
But when I am changing the status of the pin using push button, alert is not triggered. This is not working for Android Push functionality as well.

So my question is -

  1. Whether I need to keep the push button pressed for few seconds in order to initiate the alert. (though I have tried this option as well unsuccessfully)


@mishrasudhir1 Have you logged in to the Bolt app using the same email ID as on

Hi Shoeb

Apologize for late reply.
Actually, yesterday, I had discussion with Rahul Singh , and it seems there was some issue which he has fixed.
So alert notification is working fine now.
Thanks a lot to entire bolt team for prompt help.

But one help which I still need is about the message body of the email. As of now It contains pin status which is not required when sending it to actual users. So can something be done about it?

@mishrasudhir1 Surely, we will look into it in the future.

Hi Shoeb

Is there any way Bolt does not include Pin status while sending email using inbuilt email capability. Currently customers who are seeing this demo are saying that email text should not contain any pin status. It should only contain the text which we are providing as input in the bolt cloud.
Kindly suggest what needs to be done.
I do not prefer writing python code as all facility is providing in cloud itself.


@mishrasudhir1 Not sure about that. I will ask someone from my team to check if it is possible.

Hi @mishrasudhir1,

Apologies for the inconvenience.

The alert SMS and email that we sent out via the Alert feature, are a part of a Transactional messaging system. We need to include extra data along with the standard message, so that it is easier to track where and why the email is being sent.

With this data included, if someone who does not want to receive the SMS or email gets the same, they can inform us about the contents of the sms or email, and we can track down anyone who is miss-using the feature.