is not working

Please someone suggest the proper code for .

MAILGUN_API_KEY = ‘This is the private API key which you can find on your Mailgun Dashboard’
SANDBOX_URL= ‘You can find this on your Mailgun Dashboard’
SENDER_EMAIL = ‘This would be test@your SANDBOX_URL’
RECIPIENT_EMAIL = ‘Enter your Email ID Here’
API_KEY = ‘This is your Bolt Cloud account API key’
DEVICE_ID = ‘This is the ID of your Bolt device’

this code is not working.

could you show me the file as well as the coding part. show that i can point out the mistake.

MAILGUN_API_KEY = ‘2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxa14’
RECIPIENT_EMAIL = ‘my mail id’
API_KEY = ‘dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxa8d’
DEVICE_ID = ‘BOLT2xxxxx’

Make sure you have given correct API and other required credentials replacing the comments within the enclosed section(" ").
Rather than typing each keys try copy pasting exactly from the places where these credentials are given.
If it’s still not working please share the file.

I did copy paste . can you check my SENDER_EMAIL is it correct .

Your sand box url will start from and not from https
and also the sender emil adress will start from
your sand box url and sender email should be like below the following:
And let me know is this solves the problem or not.

Yaa it solved my problem thanks a lot .:love_you_gesture::100:

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Kudos to you:wave::wave::wave::wave: