Embedchain bot not executing due to missing package

I’m getting the below error when trying to execute the embedchain bot program. I have installed the embedchain package and also run the command pip install --upgrade “embedchain[dataloders]” as prompted by the error message but it doesnt execute.

yes we need to do it in offline and install it using !pip install embedchain

Hi @Daksh,

The error message you’re encountering indicates that the DocsSiteLoader used in your code requires additional dependencies that are not installed. To resolve this issue, you should install these extra dependencies using the command specified in the error message.

Here’s the specific command you should run:

pip install --upgrade "embedchain[dataloaders]"

Open a terminal or command prompt, and run this command. Make sure you have the correct Python environment activated, and the pip command should be associated with that environment. This command will install the necessary dependencies for the DocsSiteLoader module.

After running this command, try running your code again. It should work without any issues if the required dependencies are properly installed.

However, you’re still encountering issues. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem:
Check Python Version: Ensure that you are using a compatible version of Python with the embedchain package. Make sure that the Python version you are using matches the version for which embedchain is designed.
Double-Check Installation: Confirm that the embedchain package is properly installed within your virtual environment or system-wide Python installation. You can use pip list to check the installed packages.
Uninstall and Reinstall: As a last resort, you can try uninstalling embedchain and its dependencies and then reinstalling it from scratch. This might help resolve any installation issues.