Embedding image in html is not visible

here is the screenshot of it. all code and syntax for embedding image is good but when i run this file i can’t visible these image.

Screenshot 2021-07-31 at 11-35-35 Learning HTML

Do you have the image file in the same folder where html file is present?

send a snap of your code

Hey @abhijeetsakhare.site !
Did you check the image extensions in your code?
Maybe they are mismatched.

@akshayan.sinha yes i have the image file in the same folder.

Can you share the code you’re trying to implement.

yes extension is right.

Learning HTML Hello World! This is a Paragraph.

    This is a Paraghraph 2.

	This is heading h1.

	This is heading h2.

	This is heading h3.

	This is heading h4.

	This is heading h5.

	This is heading h6.
<img src="bolt_logo.png">

Can you show the folder where both HTML and image file is present?

i got it when i was use alt=“bolt iot” then it is visible.

The image is visible when you are writing ‘alt’ or when you are not ?
Could you please clear this @abhijeetsakhare.site ?

Hi @abhijeetsakhare.site alt attribute should not affect the visibility of the image on site. Alt attribute provides extra information to the user in case the image is not being shown to the user for some reason.

Am facing the same problem.

Hi @sagarnaik28732 ,
It might be the case that your path is not correct. Kindly share a screenshot of your code along with the folder structure and assets.