Embedding Images in HTML

I’ve browsed through the forum for a similar issue and did find one, wanted to get my doubt solved there but it being locked i cannot. So i’ve tried uploading an image using sublime text. It works perfectly if i use the code uploaded on the IOT training site but when i tried to upload my own image saved on my laptop, i’m getting an error, basically the image doesn’t upload. I’ve tried the solution from the previous thread, but it didn’t help.

Hi @joshua.rebello2424,

Inside the src tag, you have to enter the file name with extension. But I think your file name itself is fma.jpg but when you combine it with the extension it becomes fma.jpg.jpg

So your src tag will be

<img src="fma.jpg.jpg" height="300" width="150">
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Hey thanks soo much, couldn’t move forward without solving this. Must’ve made the stupid mistake when i was renaming the file.

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