Enroll in Course

When I am trying to enroll in the course, it is showing me coupon code expired or invalid. What to do?

contact support@boltiot.com
Read the FAQs

I have already enrolled in course, A good screen shot would help me, if you have any doubts you can ask me


I have faced similar issues but just clicking on the sigin and logging in solved the issue for me. I suggest u try this once.

try to send an email to pranav.kundaikar@boltiot.com about the coupon code issue and checking your inbox for the shipment details and the order summary.


You have already used the coupon code associated with your order id using the email id "dilshadms2000@gmail.com"

Please login to the training using above email id to continue the course from where you left off.

  1. you might have already used the code using some other email id
  2. you might have shared your coupon code with someone and possibly might have used it .
  3. check FAQs
  4. ask support@boltiot.com for help

You can once check the mail you’ve received by bolt iot, during receiving the kit or anything similar and start logging in by the given link or steps mentioned.