EOL while scanning string literal

import json

jsonString = ‘{“Date”:“09-07-2020”,
jsonObject = json.loads(jsonString)

hey what is wrong with this code

You actually put a curly bracket instead of square brackets.

An EOL ( End of Line ) error indicates that the Python interpreter expected a particular character or set of characters to have occurred in a specific line of code, but that those characters were not found before the end of the line . This results in Python stopping the program execution and throwing a syntax error .

The SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal error in python occurs when while scanning a string of a program the python hit the end of the line due to the following reasons:

  • Missing quotes
  • Strings spanning multiple lines
  • when there is a missing quotation mark at the end of the sentence.

  • If the ending quotation mark is incorrect.

  • Adding multiple lines to a string constant example-"my name is…
    and I’m a postgraduate "
    instead of this use \n or "’ ‘’'.

  • The backslash before the end quotation mark