Erro in Fever Detecction

I am getting error while trying new project Fever Detecting Project and unable to solve the following problem. So please help with it. Following is the image of error.

Do not pass the pin number and command to the digitalWrite function with double quotes. Use single quotes.

@dhruvilp8141 Please check if the variable mybolt used is correct. Double quotes dont matter. Also you should always pass the state as HIGH or LOW(capital) and not in lowercase.

Thanks for your replies and it really work. So please solve the following error.

Hi @dhruvilp8141,

Check if you have created the object for Boliot as below :slight_smile:

device_id  = “BOLT1234"
mybolt = Bolt(api_key, device_id)

Also it will be great if you can share the whole code for debugging the code.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Hi @rahul.singh1
Please check the following pictures of entire code

Hi @dhruvilp8141,

As I can see you have the indentation error in your code. Check the screenshot below -


The print statement should be inside the while loop. You have inserted it outside the while loop scope.

I make the required changes but still it is showing the same problem. Please help me…

Thx sir it really works but it still showing the first error which i posted as the first image of this topic.

File “”, line 42
SyntaxError: invalid syntax