Error 404 Not Found for Telegram chat bot

I am unable to find the problem as I have double checked the code but I am getting the same error again and again.
Can anyone tell me that for
telegram_chat_id = “@XXXX” --> is this the channel name only or something else
i.e,. for example my channel name is india_gov the what will be the chat id
telegram_chat_id = “@india_gov” --> is it right ??

Hey there!

The problem is that the program isn’t able to find your bot since :

  1. Either your chat id is incorrect
  2. Or it is your bot id

For chat ID, go to your channel info and copy everything written after “
for example if your channel id is “
then your chat id is “@helpdesk

For Bot ID go to bot father chat and copy everything written after HTTP API :
it will be something like 863XXXX:AAEMXXXX (yes you have to include them colons)

So your chat id will be “bot863XXXX:AAEMXXXX”

Hope this helps. Let me know if i doesn’t.


my chat id was wrong lil bit…it had no “bot” word in the beginning.
Thank you

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Hey @maxdevilio, I was having the same issue and your advice rectified my problem. Thank you very much.

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