Error coming in telegram code

Hello, I am getting this type of error.Please reslove as soon as possible.

//here is the code//

import requests # for making HTTP requests
import json # library for handling JSON data
import time # module for sleep operation

from boltiot import Bolt # importing Bolt from boltiot module
import conf # config file

mybolt = Bolt(conf.bolt_api_key, conf.device_id)

def get_sensor_value_from_pin(pin):
“”“Returns the sensor value. Returns -999 if request fails”""
response = mybolt.analogRead(pin)
data = json.loads(response)
if data[“success”] != 1:
print(“Request not successfull”)
print(“This is the response->”, data)
return -999
sensor_value = int(data[“value”])
return sensor_value
except Exception as e:
print(“Something went wrong when returning the sensor value”)
return -999

def send_telegram_message(message):
“”“Sends message via Telegram”""
url = “” + conf.telegram_bot_id + “/sendMessage”
data = {
“chat_id”: conf.telegram_chat_id,
“text”: message
response = requests.request(
print(“This is the Telegram URL”)
print(“This is the Telegram response”)
telegram_data = json.loads(response.text)
return telegram_data[“ok”]
except Exception as e:
print(“An error occurred in sending the alert message via Telegram”)
return False

while True:
# Step 1
sensor_value = get_sensor_value_from_pin(“A0”)
print(“The current sensor value is:”, sensor_value)

# Step 2
if sensor_value == -999:
    print("Request was unsuccessfull. Skipping.")

# Step 3
if sensor_value >= conf.threshold:
    print("Sensor value has exceeded threshold")
    message = "Alert! Sensor value has exceeded " + str(conf.threshold) + \
              ". The current value is " + str(sensor_value)
    telegram_status = send_telegram_message(message)
    print("This is the Telegram status:", telegram_status)

# Step 4


From the error I can see that you are comparing int with string. This is the main reason for the code to fail.

Since sensor value is stored as int, I am assuming that the threshold value that you have stored in the config must be string.

To fix this, remove any single or double quotes around the threshold value that you have saved in the config and then run the code.

Thanks @yeshwant.naik it works!