Error importing Bolt Module

I am just trying to implement the led control using my new bolt iot module. Here’s the code.

from boltiot import bolt
device_id = “BOLTXXXXX”
mybolt = Bolt(api_key, device_id)
response = mybolt.digitalWrite(‘0’, ‘HIGH’)
print (response)

And here’s the file name
I am getting “failed to import bolt module”.

Check whether you have entered the api key and device id correctly. Enter the hyphens also present in the api key.

Okay First. its import Bolt not bolt. the B must be capital. 2nd. The most common mistake is that you have named your file as which is the name of the function in the module. this had happened to me once. python does not allow file names to be named after modules or part of them. name your file differently and make sure any other python file in the same directory is also names appropriately. Hope that works

I just tried that and it works thank you. I am new to programming so I didn’t know that can be a problem.