Error in Bolt to connect to Wifi

My Bolt is not showing online. The green LED is not glowing only the blue LED is stable. i may connect the bolt to 5ghz network but when i went to the bolt cloud page to disconnect the wifi it requires a updated version of firmwire so how can i update the version of bolt’s firm wire so that i am able to disconnect the registered network?

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Bolt can connect only to 2.4 ghz network band. So try connecting it to the 2.4 ghz network

monalisapanda94 Hey! On your mobile while connecting your Bolt device to the Bolt IoT app please change the frequency to 2.4 GHz of your WiFi by going into the settings menu and try connecting it to the device.
Hope this helps you.

@monalisapanda94 you need not worry about this .
Kindly disconnect your device & try to connect it again through your BoltIot app in your android or iOS.
Have patience.
Read every instructions on your mobile screen when you connect to bolt device.
Check for 2.4 GHz WiFi connection as your device can connect to 5GHz but bolt device is not able to connect to such high frequency networks at this point of time.
So try to connect it once again .
Have a good day!!
Learn more everyday…

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Thanks for your reply. But how can i disconnect that’s the problem…

You try to switch off the device and try reinstalling it after removing it…from bolt

Yaa i have already done that but it is showing the previous wifi network only

Try some another network mam
Nd btw what do you do ??
Means which course are you in…

Iot and Machine learning. i have already tried with some other network but the previous one is saved only. i have unlinked also from bolt cloud and try for reset the process but the blue LED is still stable and it is not connected to any wifi network what to do?

Ok so you do one thing switch off that network and try again or send me ss on 9582912133

If you would close that network then bolt will not be able to connect to that WiFi nd the problem will solve. :v:

better u switch router of the wifi network and check it whether any network is detecting or not

I am having the same problem. And I am using redmi note 7 pro mobile. How can i change the frequency. Which settings should I approach

Sir my device is not able to connect the bolt app it is showing that you device is 5ghz and the bolt device only take 2.5ghz so how I can solve my problem

How I can change the frequency can you elaborate

yaa do one thing first go to the bolt cloud your device has been shown thier offline click the unlinking option it will simply unlink that one then u can restart the procedure of connecting the bolt with the cloud with a 2.5ghz network.

just go to the hotspot settings and check the last option for the frequency, and then change it to 2.4ghz.
then click on the forget your network option and then try to add new device and then select your prefered network and it will work

The Bolt works on 2.4GHz, so please don’t change the frequency.
Please disconnect your device and try to connect it again through your Bolt Iot app.
Thank you
Happy learning…

reset the wifi module or update the firmware of bolt esp

The Bolt is already connected to the wifi router but it is not getting internet , this may be due to various firewalls and guards applied by your ISP. Try connecting to another wifi network of different ISP. You can disconnect it by switching off the previously registered wifi router and going to pairing mode at that time.