Error in capstone project of bolt


I am facing error in solving the capstone project: unsupported operand type(s) for /: ‘float’ and ‘str’ on line 5. I have attached the screenshot of my code below can anyone help me? ***

Hi @jayomoza5,

Add the below print statement before line 5 and send me the screenshot of the output.

print (history_data)

frame_size and len(history) data should be of int type.

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Hey @jayomoza5
There is a small error in your code attached
This error occured because the data type of history_data and frame_size must be a float or string data type.
In order to compare these two variables you need both of them to be of int data type because the operand works only on integer data types.
So just add len(variable_name) keyword for both the variables used(eg:- len(frame_size)) and then compare those two values, you have now compared both values in integer data type
refere the given below link

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Thanks ,it works ,now :heart: