Error in Capstone project

Hi, I have been proceed with the Capstone project. My problem is my sensor is reading the value and it is showing the vale too, but when it reaches the threshold voltage the message is not getting sent to the mail id, instead it is showing the error like User ID and password are not accepted. How can I rectify this? Also always I am getting message like you have been rate limited . Try after some time after some time. Why is my API access is rate limited?


For the first part of your question, there seems to be an issue with the configurations that you have set.
Can you share a screenshot of the exact error message?

And regarding rate limiting, you can check below post.

Why does this feature exist?
Any cloud service has a limited bandwidth which is shared by its users. When any user overuses the system beyond the specified limit it affects the usage for other users of Bolt cloud. The effects could be a slower response rate for others or at times could even crash the Bolt Cloud. To prevent this situation and to ensure that you get a continues uptime of the Bolt cloud, this feature exists.

What to do if you end application still requires higher bandwidth?
We understand that there could be a situation where a user like you would have a genuine case for higher bandwidth or speed. To consider this, we have now launched a pro version of the Bolt Cloud. You can upgrade to the pro version at a small monthly fee of $0.75 or Rs.50 INR. This fee helps us pay the additional amount towards the cost of the AWS servers which is required to offer the additional bandwidth.

Note that you can continue using the Bolt cloud for free with its current features.

Note that the pro version of the cloud offers a lot of other features in addition to the higher bandwidth such as an option to send SMS and E-Mail natively via Bolt cloud, Additional APIs where you can download historical data etc.