Error in connecting bolt device to local WiFi

hi Mariyaanto124,
The bolt devices are designed to connect to WiFi operating at 2.4Ghz .And maybe the error occurred because u tried to connect the device to a WiFi operating at 5Ghz. Please try changing the WiFi hotspot and chose networks having 2.4Ghz most mobile hotspot work at this frequency ,so try connecting the device to a Mobile WiFi network,


Install bolt app in another android…login and try to connect…
this problem is due to your mobile as bolt module wifi works at 2.4Ghz fequency
and you are trying to connect with 5Ghz.
This might work…

Thank you ,I tried connecting from another device and the problem was solved.

@mariyaanto124 The popup is just a caution message. You can click on OK and it will go to the WiFi selection screen.
The popup is just to warn you that the Bolt cannot connect to 5GHz networks and hence you must choose a 2.4Ghz network. Not all phones can connect to 5Ghz WiFi and this will only be shown if your phone can do so.

Thanks for your suggestions
I couldn’t get access to WiFi selection screen even after clicking OK .The pop up kept on appearing.
The problem was solved when I switched to another device

Thank you it was helpful.