Error in digitalWrite api

I’m getting value 1 in both case when state is HIGH or LOW. i.e
{“value”: “1”, “success”: 1}

hello@dtsuper3! are you talking about project 3:controlling led!or else kindly describe about your problem.

When I’m hitting the API whatever I put in state value either HIGH or LOW I’m getting the same result.i.e {“value”:“1”,“success”:1}.
API documentation : []
According to API documentation I should get {“success”: “1”, “value”: “0”} when I put state value LOW in API request.

Hi @dtsuper3,

There is typo error in the documentation. I will get it fixed from our team. In case of digital write, you will always get value 1 irrespective of HIGH or LOW.

For example :

{"success": "1", "value": "1"}

{"success": "1", "value": "1"}

Thank you so much for raising the issue.

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