Error in Getting SMS from Tiwilio


I have gone through the forum discussions still I am having the error in getting SMS from Twilio.

a) Phone number verfied…Yes!
2) +91 added to FROM NUMBER…Yes!
3) Conf file correct?..Yes !

PFA the errors

Hello @himanshumanghani95
Cheak again the following details in file again.
Enter correct value of each

SID = ‘You can find SID in your Twilio Dashboard’
AUTH_TOKEN = ‘You can find on your Twilio Dashboard’
FROM_NUMBER = ‘This is the no. generated by Twilio. You can find this on your Twilio Dashboard’
TO_NUMBER = ‘This is your number. Make sure you are adding +91 in beginning’
API_KEY = ‘This is your Bolt Cloud accout API key’
DEVICE_ID = ‘This is the ID of your Bolt device’

may be you should check line by line for SID and Authentication Token number

Hi, Thank you for writing in . It is absolutely correct ! Config file has been written the same way you have written but with my credentials !

could you please share the coding part so that it will be more helpful to detect

PFA file code

@nazirahammed98 , Hi in What product I need to write for Twilio . Do I need to unlink ? I am confused because this project works with digital ocean . What to do ?


If every thing is ok then check for sid and authentication number for upper case and lower case.
I think sid number should first 2 character should start with AC but in your SID there is an uppercase A followed by lowercase C which should be changed to uppercase
Ac to AC then check any other case type error in both SID and AUTH_TOKEN.
Let me know if this solves the problem or not.

Thank you for finding the bug. Yes, you are right but partially


However, I am not getting any error but still did not get any message. PFA the screenshot.
Note : I have used ice tray to bring the temperature down

Two Doubts which I think shall be discussed.

  1. Do we really need smartphone to the registered sim ? As i am using sim attached to the basic phone. Because in some industries smartphones are not allowed. please note I got same sms on the basic phone for phone verification.
  2. Do we really need to keep Twilio in login mode or the sms service will work in logout mode also. ?

No need to login twilio for getting sms. It will work even if you are in logout mode.
There is no need to get smartphone for getting SMS its just used for getting notification service.

@himanshumanghani95 @rahul.singh1

Sir, I am referring you the query of Himanshu whos is facing some problem for sending Twilio alert could you please solve the above query which will be helpful for me as well as for him also.

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@rahul.singh1 @nazirahammed98, I have read other threads on Bolt forum for twilio. They have mentioned delay of some couple of hours because of free service which distinguishes twilio from paid users. Let us see , I may recieve the message tomorrow

Then ok lets see if comes then your problem is solved. But i get sms with in a fraction of seconds.

@nazirahammed98 and @rahul.singh1 Sir , I am extremely sorry. How can I be so mindless, the sim was not in the handset .
And since lockdown is going on, so for cutting cost I did not recharge my sim. The irony is I kept this sim out from my phone.
The issue is solved and the project is working

Honest Confessions :

  1. Yes, the message comes also to basic phone .
  2. Yes, it is not necesssary that you login in into Twilio account again and again . We just need it for verification of our phone number once .
  3. We get messages from twilio in fraction of time no mater if we are using the free or paid services.

Thank you for your pateince and consistent inputs. @nazirahammed98, I appreciate your contributions. Please let me know if I can help you in future anytime by any chance


Hello Sir, querry has been resolved . BOLT Rocks …Exuberent and Glad 2020-04-13T18:30:00Z

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I appreciate you have mentioning your mistake above. I am also glad to help you out from that coding part. So be patience, Stay Home, Stay Safe


I also want to add this point for SMS delivery issue Sms status : queued

@nazirahammed98, We will be glad if you can add your profile picture. This will help bolt community to recognise and communicate even more properly and effectively. I request you to please do the same.

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@nazirahammed98, Thank You , Your are visible through your profile pic now in our community!

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