Error in installation of ubuntu using VMware workstation 12 player

Hi, @swati24singh19 if you face any problem in installing vmware why don’t you choose other alternatives. You can try Digital Ocean. It’s simple and easy to use…
Otherwise I have one other choice for you if you are windows 10 user…there is a trick for windows 10 user where you can install the linux subsystem in your windows os pc.
For further info check out YouTube how to install bash in my windows 10 pc. Hope that’ll help…

i appreciate your solution but can you help me to remove the error which i was facing in VMware

Make you have you disabled Secure Virtual Machine (SVM) in the EFI/BIOS.If you have already disabled SVM, try disabling multithreading (SMT) in the EFI/BIOS…Hope it will help…Thank you…!!

I’m also facing the same problem. If anyone out there cam explain how to resolve the issue?? please and thank you

@mantripriya27 can you explain in detail how to disable them. Actually where to find them in my system??

I guess you are using Windows 8/8+ operating system.
It is a must that you enable Virtual Technology in the BIOS Setup for any sort of virtual machine to function smoothly on your system if it is disabled by default & for that please follow these steps:-)
1.Settings>>Update & security>>Recovery.
2. Beneath the Advanced Startup>>Select Restart Now.
3.Select Troubleshooting>>Advanced Options>>UEFI Firmware Settings>>Select Restart.
4. Press F10(BIOS Setup)>>System Configuration(Navigate through the options mentioned in the menu bar using the arrow keys & select the configuration menu).
5. Select Virtual Technology >> Enable.
As for the Linux distribution, I would suggest that you download it from the official website of Linux and that too version 18 above and then you can open it using Vmware workstation.
You can continue with the following lectures using the command prompt (Ctrl+ Alt+ T to open cmd) & this works perfectly fine.
Hope this helps!!

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Let me try and I’ll let you know.

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Thanks bro @maneet499

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Iam facing the samd 10

Hi @nishkalacherukuru,

Check this video . If it does not solve your problem then try the method shared by @maneet499 or check this video

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Here is the solution of your problem
You have to enable your virtual technology
1–> Windows icon -> Setting -> Upadate and security
2–> Recovery -> Additional setup -> Restart
Wait for a second
3–> Troubleshoot -> Additional setting -> UEFI firmware Setting -> Restart
Wait for a minute
4–> f10 -> System configuration -> Virtual technology -> Enter -> Downward key -> f0
Now your problem is resolve