Error in my first light intensity project but output were displayed help me in sorting out the doubts!

Hai Bolt Iot team,
I have been doing my first light intensity project as shown in the lecture, but I got values constantly as 1.2 thousand so i have visited the troubleshooting page as mentioned in that i had replaced the 330 resistor(orange orange brown gold) instead of 10K resistor but i got values as 3 as constant but again 1.2 thousand .so i thought that there must be some inconvenience in giving connections directly and instead used a breadboard for connection now. Then finally I got values in hundreds as 157,167,656…etc but it may be that much accurate as in the lecture it shows values as 1,3…but my problem is that i am getting an error message from first onwards while opening the table by clicking on view this device as “please check the product code at line 143, character 117 uncaught reference error:hip is not defined” but there is no error in the code which I have entered.I need to remove that error from displaying. So, please understand my concern and reply to me with a solution to regret that error displayed in the control chart display! With this i have attached all the needy to understand my issue, i feel that would help in understanding the issue.i hope that issue will be get solved. Thankyou!:grinning:



My Code

@arjunraj It seems that one of the installed plugins in your browser is blocking some of the scripts from being loaded.
Can you try opening the page in Incognito mode or use a different browser?


@shoeb.ahmed Thank you for the response! I have done that by doing it in incognito mode but it still exists! I think that it means the code error. Since it is mentioning about the lines at which the error is pointing. what is “hbspt error” could you explain that please. So that would help me since it is displaying that a an an error in the page.

@arjunraj Hubspot is one of our 3rd Party CRM tool that we use. This is not critical and you can ignore this message.
It should go away after some time. Try updating your browser and see if the issue persists.

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Thank you @shoeb.ahmed for resolving the issue!

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Hi @arjunraj I think you’ve forgotten a semicolon ( ; ) at the end of statement , Hope this will fix your issue

Hello @arjunraj, here “ReferenceError: hbspt is not defined” likely means that, when calling the function “hbspot” on your page to try and load the form create script, the shell, js hasn’t been created. So try checking the code on line 143, might be some text was written by mistake. Hope it solves the error