Error in output of twilio and mailgun

After giving proper/correct output for some time(about 50readings) in case of twilio the screen is showing eeeee

but it is taking reading in background, after entering space it is again showing the output…
And for mailgun it is showing sss (after about 70 readings) while taking readings in background. . What is the problem?/Also it is sending mails and sms if the threshold crosses.
Sometime it is also showing black empty screen

Can you Pleas share your back end code! As that will help in solving your question. :slight_smile:


…this is the code for twilio
and …this is the code for mailgun

The code written is correct but to be sure please check out the indentations. As you can see the first statement after while True : has a huge indent then after try: there is a very small indent . So first try equalizing this. Rest the code is correct .

If still this persists then it may have something to do with VM ware as its constantly communicating to cloud, So maybe because of this it may happen, but I am not sure.

Hope this helps! :+1:

@rockymad4 as you said I have also changed the indentations but this problem is still coming.Maybe some problem in VM.