Error in project 9 twilio python code

I have been performing project 9 using twilio but i am not able to run the code properly and i am getting this indentation error again n again. Not able to solve this indentation error .
please help… i am posting the screenshot of the error…!

I think there is some space issue. Remove all the spaces and and give one tab space for every indentation. Try it . Or just try by copy pasting the code from the training.

In the try section under the if condition you have not given one tab space you have just given few spaces which might be the problem kindly give only tab spaces and do not use regular space

@apsingh0403 for indentation in python programming,it is recommended to use Tab button instead of space button. Make sure that the indentation is correct. For example, if you are writing a function in your python code, then in the next line you should tap the Tab button once and then write a few lines within that indentation. Then if you are adding a loop or if-else statement, then in the next line double tap the Tab button. Problem solved

In the next line of while loop u have use space …instead use tab for every indentation after while. I hope you will get it right

Yes . I have cross checked the indentation, and used only tabs this time but still the indentation error persists.
Also I am not able to directly copy paste on VMware workstation .

How to copy paste in vm ware ctrl+v isnt working

Hi @apsingh0403

If you are using Windows OS then download putty software from chrome, I’m attaching the link
Putty Software. Click on download the first option.

Then download and install the software.

Now, open your VM ware and login to your account then type ifconfig in your server. It displays the IP Address of your server. Then type it in the Putty software as shown.

Step: 1

Step: 2

As shown in the above figure inet addr is to be typed in Host name of Putty, Then type your ubuntu login name in N0.2 block click on save, then click on your name as No.4 then click okay.

Step: 3

Click on NO option, then login to your ubuntu server as VMWare in putty.

Step: 4

The left dialog box is Putty software which can be used to Copy-Paste any of the content by just copying data and RIGHT CLICK where you want to upload the data.

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Could you help me out with putty, it is showing fatal error dialog box-connection refused after following all the steps. I have tried to look out for the firewalls as well but it doesn’t work .

Hi @apsingh0403

Can you share the screenshot or the error that you are getting? So that it will be clear.

Hi @apsingh0403,

You can also refer this thread Indentation error in Telegram alert system to fix your indentation error.