Error in receving sms

when I Execute my file, it shows some repeated message which is shown in photo.
how can I resolve my problem.

This project is based on Temperature_Monitoring_System

Hi @chaudharysuyashsriva,

As you can see in the error, you account is blocked by Bolt Cloud for 5 hours because of exceeding the API limit. Check this link

Add time.sleep to avoid this error. Also share screenshot of your code.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Hi @rahul.singh1
Thanks for reply
The link which you say to upgrade the limits. what should I do in this case., should I buy this or Not? Or can I reset my API again?

how much i increase time.sleep

Hi @chaudharysuyashsriva

The API has limit you can not change you will have to try it after sometime it works fine later.
It will work fine just try a day later

You have exceeded the API limit. You include time.sleep to keep away from this error.