Error in sending Email on threshold Temperature

When running the python code it shows this error.Any Help is appreciable.

can you send the code

Check for in errors in:


I have checked it,Everything looks Good…but i dont know where the error is occured…

you’ve entered sandbox_url wrong
SANDBOX_URL is what you’ve typed in SENDER_EMAIL
and SENDER_EMAIL is ‘test@your sand box url’
your sand box url = what you’ve typed in SENDER_EMAIL

Thanks…A lot…It is working…

But I’m not getting mail.Does it take more time to reach.

@dasariaravindh21 Are you sending an email to the same email ID you have used to register on Mailgun? If not, then the email will not be sent.
Either way, it would be useful to check the logs on Mailgun.

still not working…

Did you added recipient mail address in your mailgun account ?

@dasariaravindh21 What do the Mailgun logs say?