Error in telegram project

You had added wrong telegram chat ID
It should be “AlertmeTemp_bot” you will see it in Botfather chat
Not “alert_MohamadAquib”

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Sir abbhi ye error dikha ra hai

check whether you have correctly entered your bot_id and chat_id properly
In bot _id you may get confused with 0/O and 1/I

sir i tried every pattern bt i get same error

sir this is the image of BOT ID .
sir 0/O Kon hai samja dijie nd j capital me hai ya small me

Hi @mohdaquib154

The telegram chat id you entered in is different from the chat id from telegram app.
Check both the ID’s once again, and let me know if you didn’t get it.

Thank you sir for the help.
Bt i created a new bot nd then filled the new details nd it is working now.

This is the wrong method sir.
we dont have to enter bot id instead of that we have to enter channel id which we created before creating bot

Finally i resolved my problem by creating new bot.
Thanks for your precious time.