Error in Ubuntu

There is an error in Ubuntu whenever I open the ubuntu app, on pressing any key from keyboard it disappears and I could not insert my code in ubuntu. If any body has any idea how could I correct this please guide regarding this.


Are using a virtual machine or a putty to access Ubuntu?

Can you screen record, upload it on drive and share the link over here, so that your issue is more clear?

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okay sir I will send you the video, actually I was using Oracle VM ware and ubuntu. When I started Oracle VM ware I was not able to connect it to Ubuntu and
FATAL: No bootable medium found! system halted
this message is displayed.


Did you load the Ubuntu .iso file while creating the machine?

how to load that file?


Usually in the first run, you get a window asking you to select start up disk. Bu t if you have missed that, there are alternatives as well. .

Can you confirm which VM you are using? Oracle Virtual Box or VMware?

In case you are using Oracle Virtual Box, you can refer to Make sure to follow the step by step instructions mentioned. In your case, select that Ubuntu .iso file that you downloaded.

Let me know if you face any issues.

I am using Oracle Virtual Box. I am able to open the Virtual Box but could you please guide me how to run the program because their is no option to run the program also when I saved the program using ctrl+S it is showing (XOFF ignored, mumble mumble) what does this mean?


Looks like your ubuntu is installed on your virtual machine. Ctrl+S is a command to save files and programs on windows. Ubuntu does not have such commands.

Use Ctrl+O to save your programs.

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okay thanks a lot please also help me with the run command.


For any errors you get, send a screenshot of the error over here.

Other than that, refer to for more such keyboard shortcuts. I’d still suggest you to stick to the instructions on your terminal window on the bottom to save, the buffer, and exit etc.

Once you save the program as, you can run it as python3 on the terminal.

Be more specific with images and which project/program you’re doing, so that I can help you.

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Okay Thanks A Lot. I tried it and it worked.