Error! It is saying that my device is owned by others

while iam connecting the wifi based on the instructions of bolt app,I got this error.Please help me,I don’t know what to do

Hi @pradeepchandra4237ar,

I have reset your device. Change the wifi password of your home network and follow the setup process again to link your device to your account.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

what should i do if blue light is stable

Hi @pradeepchandra4237ar,

Blue light is stable means your bolt is connected to a wifi network Bolt Version-2 Setup Debugging

Change the password of wifi network and then Bolt will be from disconnected from the network.

and then follow the setup process again.

still it is not working sir it is not linking to mobile app


switch of your mobile internet and allow your wifi to access in settings for bolt device.

I think this device is connected to another bolt cloud. first disconnect the device from that bolt cloud

It was saying the bolt device was registered to another mail id we can connect many devices to one account but we can’t connect more than 1 account to a bolt device , There are 2 reasons for this problem
1.while during setup process someone (an existing Bolt IoT app user) may accidentally connected to your device
2.maybe your Bolt device is replaced by someone
call to bolt customer care(8881197198) Authenticate yourself and raise a complaint by explaining thew situation I Think the bolt team may de-register the divice
NOTE: while you are calling take the bill of your bolt device in to your hand they may verify during Authentication process

Hi @pradeepchandra4237ar,

As I can see your Bolt device is linked to your account. Visit on Dekstop/laptop to confirm the same.

Is the blue led stable on this stage ? If the blue led is stable is means your Bolt is connected to your wifi network but its not getting the internet access. One thing you can do it switch of your older wifi network and create a hotspot from your phone with same name and password that you have used while setting up your Bolt device and restart your Bolt device and it will connect to your hotspot and then you can continue your experiments.