ERROR : It is showing that my device is owned by others

While I am connecting the Wi-fi module to the cloud on bolt app I
got this ERROR.
I have already seen that this problem is faced by someone and as a solution you have reset their device.So please try to reset my device also as soon as possible.

It seems like your device is synced with another bolt account. You can log out current account and login with your original mail id from which you have ordered your bolt module and try connecting it CLOUD.
I’ll help you out.

I have tried it but it didn’t work

Try to solve my problem.

Email id showing on screenshot belongs to you?

@vinayak.joshi please help him.

No It’s not my mail I’d.

Mail all your queries together with the screenshot to and within a week your device will be reset by them and you can proceed further with the training.
I had the same issue earlier and was confused but through the support now my device is working fine.

Hi @sameerasulthana11,

I have reset your device. Please follow the setup process again to link your device to your cloud account.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

But what to do when ur half of the course is completed by other E-mail Id.