Error showing documentation link examples

While reading documentation like in API section there are some links of example and whenever they are clicked a new tab is opened with the following text {“value”: “Invalid API key”, “success”: 0}.
Instead of actual example so it is difficult to study .

Hi! The links given in the API docs are of another bolt wifi module and another API key. To access the link u have to replace the API key and also the device name with ur device name and API key then u will get access to the link.
For example: In the following link,
Replace the /44b2de6b-7e68-40e7-a27f-814b58afe008/ part with ur device API key and also put ur device name at deviceName=“DEVICE NAME HERE” and done u will get access to the link. Make sure to keep ur device on or else it will display as {“value”:“Device is Offline”, “success:0”}

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