Error showing in this program

why it is showing the error


You did not close the bracket on line 45. After "x"

Somewhat like this ..."x")



Please check for similar typing mistakes you have done. The error could be on the same line, or the line above that.

Let me know if you are not able to find the error in the code.

how to write degree symbol in ubuntu?


You can search up such queries on the internet as well. Here is such an article that could help you - How do I type symbols in Ubuntu?

Let us know you are unable to do it, we shall arrange a different method for this case.

my circuit is complete and now i am running ubuntu code ,showing an error

my arduino code is working and sensor is also working properly but in ubuntu code it is showing water level 0% or water level is not defined . please reply fast


Did you test the communication of the arduino and bolt on UART with some simple basic code, before writing the whole program?

We will have to look at the whole code of Arduino and see if you are using the right commands to push the data, then we have to see the hardware connections to see any fault in the communication.

Other than that, make sure you are using the same variable you have defined everywhere. Like, you defined ‘water_level’ to get the data from Serial Read, but in the first ‘if’ condition, if int(Water_Level) >= ... is written. Where the ‘L’ is capital.

Also make sure, to do a Serial Begin from the Bolt to setup the connection baudrate with the Arduino, otherwise it won’t be able to fetch data from the UART.

It is showing the same water level again and again, not showing the change in water-level.


Please let me know about this,

No I haven’t done any test of the arduino and bolt on UART


In that case, write a simple program and try to fetch the serialRead from Arduino. It’ll help you in debugging.

Otherwise, please send your Arduino code, we shall look into it.

Regarding the degree symbol, you can try pressing “Alt” button + enter “0176”, then leave Alt button. You should most likely see the Degree symbol on the shell.

Do give it a try and let me know.


What is this? Only the Arduino Code? You are not using the correct protocol to share the data with UART.

You can use this link to download the ZIP file -

Go through all the steps mentioned in the documentation page as well as github main page (

now water level is showing correct but msg is not receiving


Please check the spelling of twilio_message, you have mistyped it as twilio_messaage.

Let me know if you have any other queries.

Hi @akshayan.sinha
thank you