Error while Running the Mailgun Project

Can someone tell me what’s wrong in the code written!

Sometimes this kind of error shows up due to indentation error.
Can you try by giving 4spaces insteade of using tab.

Hi @sanjana21ghosh
I have given 4 spaces only.
Still the error is coming up

Have you gave colon ( : ) at the end of the if statement?

Thanks a lot @sanjana21ghosh
will try that and tell

@sanjana21ghosh I tried giving colon ( : ) at the end of if Statement
But the same error is coming up asshown in the screenshot i.e at the try: line

Can you share the present screenshot?

Here is the Screenshot @sanjana21ghosh

Here is the error

End Bracket ) is missing after print statement in line 17

Hi @sanjana21ghosh
This issue was solved out
I had made some speeling mistake above the try: line

But now a new error has popped out
I am sending the screenshot for the same

If you can help then would be great

Hi @jayank2998
I noticed that in your program you have written “import email_conf” in line 1
And then you’ve written
“mailer = email(email.conf_MAILGUN_API_KEY, email.conf_SANDBOX_URL, …)” and so on in line 7
It should be “email_conf.MAILGUN_API_KEY, email_conf.SANDBOX_URL, …” and so on
The “.” and “_” has been misplaced.
Please send the full screenshot of that line so that we can check the no. of arguments error.

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Hi @joemonjohnson17
Thanks for pointing out my mistake
The code works properly now.

And thanks to @sanjana21ghosh for also helping me out!!

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