Error while running using API key

I have put the API key in the secret bar .
But when I’m trying to run it as shown in the video no. 18 of module 1
It’s showing error

Hi @dasdikshita763

Could you please share screenshots of your code and the errors you are facing? This will enable us to help you better.

Not able to send the screenshot!
It’s the first module …when we are using the API key in the secret tool ,which is shown by sir
It’s not running and showing error

Please help, I’m not able to run it

@dasdikshita763 we are not able to understand what is the exact error that you are getting and at which step. Request you to please share a screenshot of the error that you are facing so that we can check guide you accordingly in fixing it. You can blur your API key in the screenshot so that it is not visible.