Error :You have been rate limited.Try again after 5hrs

I was following the Bolt-IOT course,Project 8-LED Intensity Control.I made a small change to the code to get different intensities .Here is my code

from boltiot import Bolt
device_id =“BOLTXXXX”
for i in intensities:

Can someone please explain the reason of error and suggest some ways to improve it to prevent such errors

hii @drvikrantbhatt
This error is due to the rate limit of your API access. You have crossed the allowed threshold of 20 hits.
As you said that you were working on the project 8 and then made changes and the intensity values are considered as 4 hits. So it is showing the rate limited error. Don’t worry try after 6 hours, it will show the desired output.

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you did wrong, you have declared intensities in “string”, you can correct it by intensities=[10,20,30,40]