Esp8266 bolt IOT Module

Please update the 2.5GH to 5GH ![25%20PM|230x500] what i do sir I have single Android Phone we don’t have another phone for permanent (upload://86QM5ubwRoq7JoUQav60xFdjmqX.jpeg)

Ask your question in detail and add screenshot(s) of your problem that you are facing.

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If you don’t have an extra smartphone, try setting up a hotspot using your laptop. If you have a network connection in your laptop such as LAN (Ethernet) you can easily connect your laptop’s hotspot to the Bolt Wifi Module.


ESP8266-12E does not support 5GHz as it’s designed to operate for 2.4GHz only. So you’ll have to look for another device which can provide a hotspot at 2.4GHz.
The latest Bolt app from playstore should allow you to set the permanent hotspot as that of your phone. You should note the SSID and password of your device before setting that up.


You need to just change the sitting to 2.4GHz from 5GHz in you mobile phone and this was the same issue I faced when I was setup my Bolt device. If you don’t know how to change it just Google you mobile no and type how to change wifi frequency in you model.

Hi @amitkushwaha079,

This is just a warning message. Please help me understand why you feel this is an issue.

From our point of view, you can still use the same phone without making any changes to the device what so ever.