Evaluation Form

Hello Sir/Mam, Recently I have done my internship at BoltIOT. My college has started Evaluating My internship. As part of My evaluation they have sent me an “Evaluation Form” which needs to be filled by my GUIDE at Bolt IOT.
My Guide name is “Rahul Kumar Singh”. I mailed through Gmail but there is no response yet. This is an urgent requirement sir. Please respond and do the needful


I have taken forward your request. @rahul.singh1 will reach you soon regarding this.

Hi @ced17i009 ,

I am checking your project again. I will be sharing the feedback by tomorrow EOD.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Sure sir…Thank you so much

@rahul.singh1 Sir…Have you filled the form?

@akshayan.sinha @rahul.singh1 Sir,anyone plz reply


Your query has been observed. Will let you know of any updates

@akshayan.sinha @rahul.singh1 Thanks Sir but I need to submit the filled form to the college by Monday which needs to be filled by My Guide at Bolt. I’m requesting you to plz forward this form which is shared here once again to Rahul Kumar Sir. This particular form needs to be filled by My Guide so that I can get Evaluated in my college.