Even after the complete bolt setup, I am not able to connect my device to the cloud

I have already used it and then it did work in order. But now, it’s not getting connected! Please help me out.

For this situation check your connectivity properly. Maybe there is an issue with network.
See if the power is received properly by the system
Check the led light in the module and check whether the blue and green both lights are stable

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if you’re sure to have not damaged the Bolt by directly connecting the voltage to ground and the LED’s are working as they are supposed to then try these steps:

1)Try and see if your networrk is not an open network / a WEP protected network as these are considered as open networks by Bolt and Bolt will restrict you from connecting to these networks .

2)If this also doesn’t work maybe update your Bolt firmware by connecting to previous network.

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it hapends when your internet was not fast so that it wont connect to cloud do connect to fast internet

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Thank You for all the valuable suggestions:)