Exam certification query

my training code is in between 20001 and 40000 but i completed my exam in between 1001 and 20000. Is that it will cause some problem in my certificate generation?

@bkaran034 Remove “#India” from the order ID E.g. #India20130 -> 20130. This is the number you should check.
In this case, 20130 is in between 20,000 and 40,000, so you should enter your access code in the slot for 20000 to 40000.
The certificate generated and the exam taken are the same.

but i completed in 1001 ad 20000 .
will there any issue occurs?

@bkaran034 I don’t get by what you mean when you have completed the project in 1001 and 20000? There is absolutely no difference between the exams and certificates.

i completed my exam in first paper but i has to complete in second paper

@bkaran034 No. You only need to give the exam once.