💻 Exciting News! New Internship Opportunities Just Added!

These internships are collection of Artificial Intelligence​:robot:, Machine Learning :brain:, Robotics, Web Development :globe_with_meridians:, Python :snake:, Embedded Systems​:wrench: and many more :heavy_plus_sign:. To check out all the details and apply for this fantastic internship, simply click Bolt IoT Trainings

:moneybag:For these internships, the possible stipend ranges from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 50000 at the highest :money_with_wings:. I am listing the companies below, which are newly added to the list :factory:.

  1. GreendzineTech
  2. Electrify Services
  3. TechieYan Technologies
  4. Ahoy Systems Private Limited
  5. MindMap Consulting
  6. Suvidha Foundation
  7. Maxgen Technologies pvt ltd
  8. OpeninApp
  9. Seagate
  10. FullThrottle Labs
  11. CarbonCompete
  12. Mercedes-Benz AG
  13. Kniru
  14. Planck Epoch
  15. TechieShubhdeep IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  16. Buddha Education Association Incorporation
  17. DeepEdge
  18. Webknot Technologies Private Limited
  19. Sarga Additive Manufacturing Private Limited
  20. The Innovation Story
  21. Discover Technologies
  22. Premier Seals India Pvt. Ltd
  23. Coding Blocks
  24. 360 IT Hub Private Limited
  25. Sofcon India Pvt. Ltd.
  26. BWJ Tech Solutions Private Limited
  27. Digitech Solutions
  28. Fillip Technologies Pvt Ltd
  29. Carbun8