Facing issue in the connection

Both my LEDs are glowing but it is not getting connected to the cloud or to my phone. It says no device is connected ‘try again’ so I tried a lot of times and I have gone through all the solutions and instructions that are provided here including yours but it’s not working still. I think the device is faulty, should I replace it?

Hello @joydeepseal323,
If you have tried all the solutions, one last time try it from the beginning. Most of my problems during this course were solved by starting from square one. However if this still doesn’t work after following the instructions carefully, then go for a replace.
Thank you and have a great day!

It’s still not working. Is there anyway to relink the bolt Device with my mobile hotspot?

@joydeepseal323 Your device is already connected to the Bolt Cloud. This is shown by the Blue and Green LEDs which are constantly glowing.
You do not need to do the set up again.

Hi @sohumssk,

To resolve your issue, Change the wifi password of your hotspot/home wifi network then the blue led will start blinking.

Now click on the add device button and it will show the device id. The name of the device will start with BOLT****. Share the device id with me. I will reset it from my side and then you can follow the setup process again to link your device to your account.

Yes sir I understood that but the problem here is I don’t know which hotspot the iot device got connected to because when I try to add device in the iot app it says try again and I tried it many times. I don’t have a wifi at my home so that I change its password and try linking it again.


I tried changing the password of my phone/hotspot but the LEDs are still glowing as you can see.

Hi @joydeepseal323,

Is blue led blinking after switching off your hotspot?

Yes sir both green and blue LEDs are still glowing.

I have pasted the link of my problem as you can see the LEDs are already glowing but doesn’t get connected with the app and also I’ve changed all the hotspot passwords in my home but the device is still connected to some hotspot as the green LED is still glowing.

@joydeepseal323 here are some steps that you can try to troubleshoot the issue .

  1. try clearing the data of the app(or uninstall and install the app again)

  2. Try the app on some other phone .

Bro I am facing the same issue. Its been months and my bolt device is unable to connect the cloud. I dunno what happened to but now I cant do nothing. I am literally crying with it. :(( If you have found a way please let me know, so that I can use the my bolt device.

Hi @joydeepseal323,

I think your Bolt is faulty. Don’t worry, Please send this link to support@boltot.com and we will arrange the replacement for your Bolt device.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

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Hi @aryansrivastava1309,

Is your blue led is blinking? and what is the status of green led?

Also, check this link helps https://info.boltiot.com/how-to-setup-bolt

Let me know in case you need further assistance.

rahul.singh1 My blue light is blinking slowly and my bolt device is not connecting to internet. And my green light is not flashing.

Same issue facing by joydeepseal

Hi @aryansrivastava1309 and @vinodhkumarmerugu ,

Can you record a video of your Bolt setup and share it with me ?

Sir I have uploaded photo of that.both led’s are glowing with out any connection between boltiot app and bolt wifi module.

Uploading: IMG20200825111126.jpg…

Uploading: IMG20200825111126.jpg…