Facing Issue with Twilio

I made an account on Twilio but its asking me for billing. The instructions given in the training session are from older version i guess. Can you please help, in about how to proceed as there is no "getting started " option coming in this version.

@180020039 It will not ask for billing but this is a new version. So, to get started click on All products and services button which is below the HOME button then click on programmable SMS. Here on this page, you will find Get started option, not as a button but highlighted in blue colour. Thereafter follow the steps given in the course. Reply to me by mentioning @akshaykumar.kumar198 if you need any further help.

click on the link given by the Online Training on Internet of Things and Machine Learning
Then click on the sign up and start building .
Then type your name mail id and password .
Then click on start your free trail .
Go to Your mail and confirm your Email .
It will take you to new tab type your mobile number for verify submit the OTP confirm it.
It will ask simple question >>do you write code —yes .
Then select python .
Then skip to dashboard .
Click on Get a trail no.
Click on choose this no .
Done .
That’s it ,there is nothing else, they don’ charge any money they don’t even ask for your credit card information.
If It helpful check and go for it.