Facing prblm during wifi connection

i add device to my bolt iot app . but when i try to connect it with wifi it doesn’t connect. i entered the password but it shows incorrect. but i used same paasword which i gave during add device . my bolt devices doesnt show online.

Try to add device again. Power on wifi module again and then follow the steps as told. When wifi connection step come please select correct network and enter correct password . It will connect and show online. Also if you have an smartphone then you can use its hotspot to configure device. If you want to connect using smartphone then click on connect with hotspot instead and enter network ssid and password that you want to set for smartphone. Your device will now connect to mobile hotspot. And problem is solved

@skumawatrenwal11 I entered the same paasword which is my hotspots password but instead it shows incorrect!


Your phone should automatically get connected to the Bolt iot device’s wifi first . For this make sure your data is switched off and do follow the steps as per the app instructions.

Now that the blinking rate of the blue led has changed from slow to fast, its time to connect the device to the internet. For this follow the steps as given in the training manual. It is in this step where you need to use your phone hotspot and its password. Then after switching on the hotspot and data(as per instructions in the app), you can easily get connected to the internet as indicated by the green led.

You need not to connect wifi using phone system. Firstly turn off everything of your phone like wifi,hotspot or mobile data. Open app. Click on add device. I will ask permission to turn on wifi and location service. Once you allow them it will automatically show bolt device. Click on it. Then it will show that your device will be registered to email you provided. Now it will setup and then will ask for an wifi so that bolt module can work. Now u have 2 option either connect to wifi of your house or setup your phones hotspot. Refer to my previous reply for this.

while connecting to bolt wifi module to my phone app … it’s demanding a password of that wifi module so that app can be connected to wifi module… as the module is registered to my mail … what’s the password of my bolt wifi module ???

Before entering your Wifi password you need to enter the predetermined password of the BOLT Module which is bolt1234. After this you’ll have to enter your Wifi password

Thanks for telling me but my issue was resolved by seeing another option :smile:

The same thing happened to me when i used bolt iot app downloaded from apple store(IOS) .
I troubleshooted my problem by downloading the app in google play store (ANDROID) and then followed the steps and it got connected to the wifi. Hoping that this tip will help you .
Good Day!

Can you please explain me what’s the another option my iphone is also doing the same issue i.e; the blue and green light is glowing but the device showing offline
at it is not showing any kind of hotspot on my wifi setting

thanks i had sucessfully connected to the bolt iot device

step 1 : You need to switch off your wifi network or hotspot in your home or office or university.
step 2 : Now switch on the bolt iot device and install the bolt app in your ios mobile.
step 3 : Login to the app and follow the steps in the app and connect to the bolt hotspot now
click continue.
step 4 : Now switch on the wifi network in your home or office or university and enter the
details displayed on the screen.
step 5 : Now your device will start blinking a green light i.e,you are connected

hey listen you can’t connect your bolt device by password or whatever else…i tell you the simplest way…u can carry two mobile at a time when you connect the device to the laptop or desktop…
now one mobile is only used for hotspot which you connect to the Boltiot device…and another for using laptop… it’s definitely connect

Redo the work again and again and aslo refresh the page eject the pins of wifi module and redo it

Even i have the same problem would you plz explain how you resolve the issues