Facing problem after linking the Bolt module to Bolt cloud

I have linked the Bolt Wi-Fi module to Bolt cloud as can be seen from this picture

But after that this is coming in the mobile app

Where is the bug ? What should I do now ?

I tried by closing the app ad reopening it. I get like this

, which shows my Wi-Fi module and its ID.

When I click on the device,

id coming. I tried with connecting the LED, as shown, it is not glowing. Now, what should I do ?

I am not able to fix the bug. I dont have Wi-Fi in home, I have linked using two smartphones and hotspot, as mentioned in the documentation. I am also not getting how to make the ‘OFFLINE’ status to ‘ONLINE’. Please help me out as without this, I will not be able to start the project.

Hello @deeptanudatta
Cheak your internet speed its slow
Refresh your internet connection.
Hope this information is useful for you.

@deeptanudatta make sure that you use internet connection of 2.4GHz because WiFi module is only connected to 2.4GHz connectivity. And fast internet connection will be good for this.

@deeptanudatta bro in the very first image that you posted, its shows you are offline.SEE!!..That means you are not connected to cloud yet or that red dot would be green with the text “ONLINE” along side.

Now after that being mentioned I think you are using two smart phones as u mentioned above and that would require you to turn your Wifi ON of the phone which has BOLTIOT installed. I dont see a Wifi symbol in TITLE BAR of your screenshots that you posted. and so there is no INTERNET Connection.

Or maybe the other phone is too far away to connect…or maybe its data is not ON.

CHECK all that stuff…THERE IS NO OTHER PROBLEM…only the connectivity issue.

And I hope you will get it done.

ALSO I would say go with the alternative way where you need only one phone to connect to cloud. There is a video for that —https://trainings.boltiot.com/courses/429176/lectures/6646929
Watch it from 03:10 .

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Hello @chetan.kandarkar99 I have no WiFi in home. And I also tried by switching off the moble data and app and switching on again. In the app, I get the 3rd image. Once I click on the BOLTXXXXXXX buton, then the 4th image comes. What to do next ?

Yes @kjitesh205 u r correct. But according to the video, if internet connection is 5 GHz, then the app will automatically show a warning message. Bdw how to check the frequency of a network ?

Hello @deeptanudatta you have only 1 issue and that is of connectivity. I will suggest you check your Internet Connections and the speed of the Internet on your mobile phone.

I will guide you with the LED color and their meanings:-

  1. If Blue LED is OFF i.e. Power switch is OFF or faulty cable
  2. If Blue LED is Blinking Slowly i.e. Bolt has lost connectivity to WiFi Router, check router, and password details.
  3. Blue LED is ON and Green LED is OFF i.e. No Internet access, check with Internet provider in such case,
  4. Both LEDs are ON and glowing in a stable fashion i.e. everything is fine.

Thank You… but the fact is that I do not have Wi-Fi. I connect only by hotspot. Can you please explain me what are the steps to be done next once connection is strong ? Please share step-by-step screenshots.

Try using a stable internet connection and check whether the blue light is glowing in your bolt module

Blue Light is blinking fast but the green light is not glowing.

Mr. @deeptanudatta

Once refer this link, and check the solution given by me, the thing you need to do is just replace the tab word with mobile, so the solution in the link will help you for connecting the bolt device with two mobiles having network connection. I have checked it and I used to do the same thing for connecting my bolt device to cloud. The link is:

Make sure network connections are proper between the bolt device and mobiles.

I hope this will help you, still if you face any problem, try to post the point where you are facing problem exactly.


Hey listen up here,
You actually need two phone to operate this thing. One phone must have your bolt IoT app, the other will help to be online(Hotspot with active internet).
First Set up your module, secondly open the bolt IoT app and do all the procedure (Verify) then you must see the module blinking and when the blue light glows constantly then what you have to do is from bolt IoT APP(Phone which has the app must get connected to phone with active data hots-spot) you must connect to the hots-spot of other phone (Active Internet) and then Blue and Green both will glow constantly(No Blinking).That’s it you are ready to go!

Hey its pretty simple here,
Since you are saying the blue light is blinking and green not glowing, i would suggest you to first connect using the cable for power supply(5V) try doing this using an adapter or connecting to your computer this should be making the blue light glowing comfortably stable.
Now for the green light since the case here is to use mobile hotspot, take two phones one for hotspot and other to use the Bolt application. I hope you are already registered to be having a bolt account( if not try creating an account through their website, which might be likely be sent to you via e-mail already) use these credentials to enter into the application in the phone where you had application. now try to follow the steps given in the application once you click “Add Device” try to connect the bolt to the hotspot of the other phone. You will need a stable internet connection to let the device connect to your hotspot. Now the device should constantly have the blue and green light being lit.

Hope this was helpful, all the best…!


  1. you on your mobile data
    2.connect to power supply your wifi modele.
  2. on your mobile hotspot then connect your wifi module with your mobile hotspot
  3. check your wifi module green led is on.if green led is on then your wifi module is online else offline.

I tried this, but the blue LED is blinking slowly only with no glowing of Green LED

Guys, I have not still able to do it :joy::joy: !! But, while trying to do it, as the module is connected to the PC via USB cable, the temperature of ESP8266 chip rises . At that point, is there any danger and should I disconnect ?