Facing problem in finding bolt IP address

My bolt wifi module is connected to laptop and blue led is blinking slowly.i m using fing app on my phone to find its IP address.My phone and laptop are connected to mobile hotspot of other phone. No IP add is being shown corresponding to the hostname of “Expressif”.

hi @divnoorsingh675

You can try using the WIFI analyzer Application on the mobile. On the bolt device using the micro USB cable. and connect your mobile wifi to it. You will get the IP address of the BOlT wifi module, for that follow the following steps

  1. open the WIFI Analyzer Application on your android phone
  2. CLick the view option on the top, right hand side.
  3. click on the AP.
  4. It will ask you to connect to the network. connect it to your bolt hotspot
    the result will be in front of you.
    please let me know if you get what you want.


Since the Blue LED is blinking slowly, it means that the Bolt device is not connected to any wifi source and has started its own hotspot so that it can be configured.

You can directly start configuring the device by following the instructions mentioned in the Bolt IoT mobile app.