Facing problem while using Ubuntu

I am using Ubuntu which is Alternative to this. So which IP should I use here or how can I proceed to the next step. ?

It looks like you have added a space between f and g in ipconfig. Please try without the space and let me know if that works.
Also. if it says comammand now found then alwayes check your command if you have written it correctly.

@arorasimran006 You only need to use the ssh tool with puTTY if you have created a Digital Ocean droplet. What SSH does is that it lets you log on to a server which is accessible via the internet.

But in your case since you have used a VM to create an instance of Ubuntu, you do not have to access it via SSH. You can simply open the software you have used to install the VM and after starting the VM you can enter your username and password to log in to your Ubuntu instance.

SSH is just another way to log in to your instance.

I have logged into Ubuntu with my login id and password. Please guide me, how can i proceed further.

@arorasimran006 Thats great! There is nothing wrong with what you are doing. You can continue with the course to know what you have to do next.
I believe there is a topic on the basics of Linux in the course after you set up your Ubuntu OS. Let me know if you are facing any particular issue.

Sir i am not getting the main window of Ubuntu where different tools are displayed. Please tell me how can i exit from this window and reach to the main window screen of Ubuntu.

You are logged into the Ubuntu terminal. Are you looking for a Ubuntu GUI?

Please share a screenshot/image of what you are looking for.

Yes sir, I am looking for Ubuntu GUI.

@arorasimran006 The OS that is installed is a Command Line Interface (CLI) version of Ubuntu. It does not have a graphical user interface (GUI).
If you really want, you can download the GUI version of Ubuntu and install it on your VM. Head over to the link below and select the appropriate Desktop version to download.

For the course I would recommend you stick to the CLI version of Ubuntu.

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@shoeb.ahmed May I ask which course are you talking about?

@agarwal.swapnil640 I believe by ‘cource’ Shoeb is referring to the ‘Bolt IoT and ML Training’. Check out shop.boltiot.com for more details.